Our Story

Qui (ki;key) is a French pronoun meaning 'who'.

At Qui Collection, our raison d’être is to pay homage to the makers.

Qui Collection believes that how a product is made and by whom matters. We honor the skills and livelihood of talented local tailors, seamstresses and artisans by paying fair-living wages. Our production is completely transparent; you will always know who made your clothes.

All of our items are made in the USA and crafted in small batches. We use sustainably sourced fabrics along with repurposed, reclaimed, deadstock and vintage fabric. Our goal with every collection is to have zero waste in our production.

buy smarter, ask who.


BC: Before Corona
The idea for Qui Collection started with a collection of vintage fabric, a passion for clothing (I still own pieces from my childhood), and a desire to support local makers. Our signature product - the quintessential tee - was about to launch, when the world was turned upside down.

Along with many others, I looked to find a purpose during this time. Pivoting our resources to make cloth face coverings has helped to support employment of workers in a small factory in the USA. The primary focus at the onset was to provide essential businesses and nonprofits with our face coverings at cost or through donations. To date, we have provided 2,500 cloth face coverings and counting.

Then, cloth face coverings became a recommended necessity for all and here we are…

I hope to continue to be inspired by the stories of people, see the beauty in hand crafted goods, and find joy in simplicity. Supporting others will always be at the heart of Qui Collection and one day soon, that reimagined quintessential tee will be launched! I am excited to begin the journey.

xo Pam