Our Story


Pam Kendall, founder, and designer of Qui Collection, has a passion for all things vintage and the stories behind them. Pam’s new line of tees brings us back to a time when clothes weren’t disposable but instead treasured like a good story.

Growing up in a large family Pam always cherished her clothes (which were either hand-sewn by her mother, hand-me-downs from her sister or purchased on the once-a-year back-to-school shopping trip). As a mother of three, her two daughters even wore some of her childhood clothes and to this day, her daughters still love to shop her closet; they lovingly call her clothes-pam-me-downs.

Qui Collection Sustainable Shirts Made in the U.S.A.

Qui (ki;key) is a French pronoun meaning 'who'.

At Qui Collection, our raison d’être is to pay homage to the true who's who of fashion-the makers and the wearers.

Qui Collection believes that how a product is made and by whom matters. We honor the skills and livelihood of talented local artisans and sewists who work hard behind the scenes.

All of our items are made in the USA and crafted in small batches. We use sustainably sourced fabrics along with repurposed, reclaimed and vintage fabric. Our goal with every collection is to have zero waste in our production.

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