Qui Collection believes that clothes are like good friends: meant to be cherished for years to come.

With a personal mission & vision, Qui Collection believes that clothes are there to remind us of who we are; bringing us back to a time when clothes weren’t disposable but treasured, not mass-produced, but made so that each piece was unlike any other, our tees embody all of this; they are an investment in ourselves, in other people, and the planet. 

Qui Collection (qui a French pronoun meaning who) strives to become a social enterprise acting as a visible thread that connects us to the real who’s who of fashion…the real people who wear the clothes, the unheralded tailors and seamstresses who make the clothes and those whose lives we can change with every purchase by empowering the consumer to make a positive impact, as well as the company’s commitment to partnering with non-for-profits.
We believe that feeling good in our skin starts with embracing that each of us is a one and only with something to offer; we value individuality as well as relationships-with each other, ourselves and our clothes.

Pam Kendall is a social entrepreneur and the founder of Qui Collection.
Qui, a French pronoun meaning who, connects us to the real who’s who of fashion…the people who wear the clothes, the makers behind the scenes and those whose lives we can enrich with
each purchase.
With a lack of innovation and creativity in the tee shirt space, Qui Collection reimagines a familiar item-the tee: designed for comfort and longevity and flattering on every body type; Qui tees do not conform to trendiness or seasonality rather they are designed to celebrate individuality as every tee is detailed with a hand-embroidered applique made from reclaimed fabric giving each one a story of its own and making it a one and only like the people who wear